Our Guarantee

When you use our PURE n’ NATURAL 3-step skin care program faithfully, twice a day for 30 days…you will begin to see and feel an incredible difference in your skin. You will rediscover that soft, smooth skin you had as a child. We guarantee it!

If you do not see and feel a more beautiful you in 30 days, contact your Consultant to return or exchange the product. Keep in mind that dark spots due to sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores do not happen overnight and will take time to correct.

Watch your skin actually improve with time!
You shed and grow new skin every 28 to 30 days. Your skin will continue to improve as you reach 60 and 90 days of usage. L’BRI products are corrective and work from the inside out. Remember that age and degree of damage will determine how quickly your skin will improve. Most individuals will have noticeable improvement by the end of the first week. Others will note an impressive improvement as they approach weeks three and four. The key is to use your products faithfully twice a day, morning and night, for optimum results.