Our story

linda and brian november 2012 - small
Long before Linda and Brian Kaminski combined their names to create “L’BRI,” the beginnings of L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL had been put into motion.

Finding success in her own business
Shortly after the couple married, Linda left her secretarial job and pursued her direct selling career full-time. What she had discovered in direct selling was a world where she could be her own boss and chart her own future. Linda quickly became the top seller for a national skin care company.

Discovering the healing power of aloe
Brian was working at an industrial plant when he was involved with a terrible accident. He was admitted to a specialized burn unit and, after some time, was allowed to go home and continue the long process of healing.

When a friend told the Kaminskis about aloe, which has been nicknamed “the burn plant,” they tried it. At first they had hoped to alleviate some of Brian’s pain – but the healing effects on his skin were amazing. Despite a scolding from Brian’s doctor, Linda and Brian continued to use aloe to treat the injury. Even the medical staff was amazed how well the burns had healed. Linda and Brian attributed his recovery to the healing power of the aloe.

Sharing their passion with others
In 1998, Linda and Brian founded L’BRI to help others enjoy the benefits of aloe and the other natural ingredients. At the same time, they found a way to provide opportunities for women who wanted their own home-based businesses. Today, L’BRI is a thriving, growing company who has helped thousands of people across the country feel better, look better, and live the lives they had only dreamed about.