Anti-aging products

As we age, our skin loses some of the qualities it had when we were younger. Over time, skin can lose its tone, radiance and smoothness. We all age differently depending on a variety of factors, from genetics and lifestyle, to sun exposure and pollutants. L’BRI anti-aging products are specially formulated to address issues associated with aging skin and improve specific areas, including the sensitive area around the eyes and the delicate skin of the neck and décolletage.

Our exclusive formulas are delivered in creams, gels and serums that all contain aloe as the first ingredient to help heal and protect aging skin. L’BRI anti-aging products use powerful ingredients including antioxidants and peptides to combat these effects and manage the issues of aging skin.

Our formulas target the concerns that come with aging including:

  • Age spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Loss of firmness
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Crepiness
  • Free radical damage
  • Loss of radiance
  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines

Discuss your specific aging concerns with your L’BRI Consultant for product recommendations to best fit your needs.


Our power-packed serums contain aloe, natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals and anti-aging peptides – scientifically formulated to minimize the signs of aging.

Time Erase AHA Slow Release Serum
· Time Erase AHA Slow Release Serum
Helps reduce the size of pores, fade age spots and the appearance of scars while reducing fine lines around eyes and lips.
Maxifirm Skin Renewal Complex Serum
· Maxifirm Skin Renewal Complex Serum
Improves skin’s firmness, density, elasticity and radiance. Do not layer with Dermaplex A. 
Dermaplex A Line Reversal Peptide Serum
· Dermaplex A Line Reversal Peptide Serum
Minimizes the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Effectively reduces the depth of already formed facial wrinkles and works against the development of additional wrinkles.

Daily Skin Brightening Pads and Cream
· Daily Skin Brightening Pads & Cream
Our brightening pads and brightening cream are highly effective when used together to lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation, soften fine lines and wrinkles while toning and brightening the skin for optimum age-defying results. Formulated for mature skin with sun damage, uneven skin tone or coarse textured skin. Our pre-soaked Brightening Pads are saturated with aloe vera, niacinamide (a non-irritating vitamin B3 ingredient), arbutin (a molecule extracted from the Bearberry plant) and other selected antioxidant-rich fruit and plant extracts. Speeds up cell turnover to help fade redness, yellowing and blotchy imperfections for incredible luminosity and even skin. Noticeably improves skin tone, clarity, texture and smoothness. Gentle enough for daily use on normal, combination and dry skin types.
High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment
· High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment
Our powerful blend of antioxidant protectants and age-defying ingredients are designed to do their hardest work while you sleep, stimulating collagen production, firming and strengthening skin, leaving your face looking fresh, radiant and rested.
Intense Eye Repair Cream
· Intense Eye Repair Cream
Botanicals, vitamins and selected peptides work together to increase collagen and boost moisture to rejuvenate aging skin around the eyes.
Neck Firming Cream
· Neck Firming Cream
Developed exclusively for the fragile neck and chest area, this advanced neck and chest firming cream works to restore youthful tone and definition. Contains a powerhouse of ingredients, including plant stem cells, Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline and hyaluronic acid to repair and revitalize skin tissue for smoother and healthier skin.
Facial Masque
· Facial Masque
Look years younger in an instant with our non-surgical ‘face lift.’ Tightens, tones and clears away dead skin cells, restoring skin’s natural smoothness.